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“you only have one lap of this thing called life, and you are in the driving seat, if you are not happy with the direction, indicate and change lanes

Victoria O’Farrell, Managing Director


What is DISC personality profiling, and how does it work?


DISC can help you understand people in minutes rather than years.


Have you ever wondered why you connect with some team members better than others. Ever thought you collaborate in certain teams and struggle to even communicate in different teams?

We are all individuals with a unique DNA and this is also true for our personalities. Our profile is a blend of many different influences and that said we may struggle to communicate and work with colleagues who are "polar opposites".  However, this does not mean we can never communicate, once we understand the other personality blends, their communication preferences and what their fears are, then we can modify our style to manage the team team are working with and ultimately ensure we are all working towards the common goal in a way that suits all involved.

“We were privileged to have Vicky join us for a team planning session. Her fun and personable nature created a relaxed and open atmosphere and facilitated a safe space to understand how to better collaborate us a team whilst also recognise our own personal drivers and motivations. We really enjoyed the session and Vicky gave us lots of food for thought.” Natalie CEO, CoppaFeel


With Richard McCann from iCan Academy

With Richard McCann from iCan Academy

With Dave Pill, Master DISC trainer and Bev James, CEO, of The Coaching Academy

With Dave Pill, Master DISC trainer and Bev James, CEO, of The Coaching Academy

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Whilst women will go through menopause physically, we will ALL feel the emotional effects


Vicky speaks from her own personal experience on how the menopause has effected her.


Whatever your age or gender, the menopause will have an impact, if it’s not you personally, it will be someone you know going through it. The more we know about the symptoms, both emotionally and psychically, the more understanding we will have and we can GIVE.

Years ago, women would have been “locked up” for “going mad” at the stage of their life, but this modern day sees so many women in the workplace and in senior roles, we need to support these valued team members and the only way we will is to arm ourselves with the knowledge of WHAT is the menopause and HOW will it effect me and those I work with.

Vicky is a Menopause Ambassador for Simply Hormones and runs “Menopause in the workplace” workshops for all levels.


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To stand up and deliver a presentation, engage the audience and keep them engaged is not everyone's cup of tea...


In fact, Glossophobia (the fear of public speaking) is considered the greatest fear a person can have, even greater than the fear of death. 

Vicky can put her hands up to say that the first time she stood up to speak, some 20 years ago, was not her best performance. Now she absolutely thrives on it - in fact you could call her a bit of a 'showman'. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She has addressed large corporate audiences as well as public charity events, all with great feedback. 

So do you have an event coming up that you need someone to open, host and summarise or just a keynote speaker for the Start or Close?


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